7 Roof Maintenance Tips for New Houses


Investing on the roof is a big choice that people make when their roof get damaged. However, people shifting in the new house can use some roof maintenance tips for keeping their tent in excellent condition. Making efforts from the start can produce excellent long-term results that house owners would appreciate. Let’s have a look at seven different ways of maintaining the roof.

Make a Schedule of Roof Inspection:

The most important task you have to do at the start is the inspection of a roof on a regular basis. You must inspect the shelter twice a month for cleaning it, but you should invite professional worker for checking it once a year. You can prevent damage and many other roof issues just by inspecting the roof regularly for investing any new problem that can arise with the changing season. You should start investigating it to build a habit.

Buy Shingles for Roof:

There can be changes in the future when your roof would reach a significant damage because of the shingles that would be affected because of UV rays and rain. The shingles can turn cupped, crack and damage. It is the reason; you must buy some extra shingles to install the shingles whenever there would be an emergency. You can perform the task of replacing the shingle by yourself.

Don’t Wash Your Roof:

Many people wash the roof which is the very foolish approach of taking care of roof especially when the roofing material can damage because of moisture. If your roof is of cement, then you can wash it after six months, but you should not do any other experiment for any other material. You can use roofing cleaning products available in the market. They have special instructions on the bottles that guide the user possibly.

Remove Debris:

Debris can accumulate on the roof because of the winds blowing outside or the tree reaching your roof. You have to clean the roof on a regular basis from the start to reduce the chances of mould in future. Clean the valleys, chimney and the flashing of your roof. Make sure the gutters are working correctly from the start of using them. Cleaning the roof on a regular basis would not allow moisture to accumulate on the surface of the roof and it would keep the ceiling in excellent condition.

Trim Trees on Regular Basis:

If you are aware of the fact that moisture and leaves can damage your roof, then it is better to cut the branches on your own rather than removing the tree from its roots. However, you have to work with a schedule as branches can grow immediately and then again reach your roof. Trimming with a continuous regular program would help you see your roof not inviting any problems.

Prevent Ice Dams:

In winter season; the ice dams can block the gutters so it is essential to install an electric heating system in the channel so they would perform well in a winter season. There would be no ice dams if you would keep the ice dams work with continuous flow.

Observe the Roof:

Once after another year; the first five years of roof maintenance are critical because they would extend the life of your roof. If you would keep inspecting the ceiling, trim the trees, replace the shingles, and use the protective material for saving the life of shingles then you can see less financial worries. If you think that you need professional roofer at any point, then you can call Stay Dry Roofing contractor in your area.

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