7 Helpful Kitchen Remodeling Tips


Remodeling a kitchen can be very expensive. This is the portion of the home that homeowners spend the most money when it comes to remodeling. Since the kitchen is usually considered the life of the home, it is important that it is inviting and open for any visitors that come into it.

In order to make sure that your kitchen’s remodeling is maximized to its fullest, especially if you are remodeling a kitchen in Bloomingdale, you should keep these seven strategies in mind.


It is important to truly think out your remodeling process. This goes beyond the actual construction time. If you plan out the remodeling, it improves your odd of staying on budget. The recommended planning time is a minimum of six months.

Therefore, you will be least likely to change your mind, and this will keep construction costs from increasing. A huge part of the planning process is to study the kitchen. For example, if you purchase an extra-large refrigerator, you want to be sure that the refrigerator can fit in the desired space.

Keep the Same Footprint

A kitchen remodel is extremely expensive, but the costs can go up even higher if there is any change to the footprint. If possible, you will want to avoid changing the location of plumbing pipes and electrical outlets.

You also want to avoid knocking down any walls. Once you begin knocking down walls, you may run into additional problems.


When you purchase appliances, you want to stay realistic with your needs. Although a six-burner range may look great in the store, it may not be the range that you need. The primary goal of the kitchen remodel is to design your kitchen to be functional for your lifestyle.


Lighting is extremely important in the kitchen, and it can often make your kitchen look more spacious. Additionally, it can make your kitchen safer and more efficient. There are two types of lighting that you should have.

First, you should have task lighting, which is designed for under cabinets. Second, you should have ambient lighting, which is designed to brighten your entire kitchen.

Think Quality

With the expense associated with kitchen remodels, it is important to not sacrifice quality. You should choose products that are designed to last for a long time, and they should have a nice warranty with them.

Add More Storage

Storage is great to have with a kitchen remodel. You should have cabinets installed that will reach the ceiling. You should mount shelves on any unused wall areas.

Communicate Clearly

Finally, it is important to communicate clearly with the workers. You should drop by the project area during work hours to ensure that the remodel is going as planned.

You should make sure that the workers understand the importance of communicating any problems with you. Also, be sure to set clear house rules.

A kitchen remodel can be expensive, but it is definitely worth the money. By following the seven strategies listed above, you will have a kitchen that you will enjoy for years to come.

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