7 Common Air Conditioner Problems and Repairs for your home


Almost every household has an air conditioning system installed. Like every other mechanical and electric apparatus, this one also tends to face some repair issues every once in a while. Getting repairs done every month can be costly and it can also be inconvenient for the users since you have to wait for the repairing to be done before using the air conditioner. It is good to be aware of the common air conditioner problems and also how to repair them so that there are no disappointments.

  1. Clogged Filter:

One of the most common problems relating to air conditioning is a dirty filter which is clogged with dust or also leaves in some cases. The best way to tackle this issue is to clean your filter every three months. Most manufacturers have the cleaning methods written in the manuals that come with air conditioning. To check if the filter needs cleaning, just pass some light through it. If there is no light passing, you need to clean your filter to prevent you AC from giving proper air.

  1. Thermostat Issues:

Sometimes, there are also some thermostat issues that most people are not aware of. The thermostat may not be fixed properly or may not clean. Due to this, the air given off by the air conditioner is not sufficient enough and the amount is also less. Put your thermostat on the correct settings as recommended by the manufacturer and also clean the inside of it.

  1. Water Dripping from the AC:

Water dripping from the AC is the most common problem. It can become a nuisance and it also effects the functioning of the AC. For this, check the drain of the AC. Most often, the drain is clogged with dust and lint due to which the water drips out of the AC instead of being drained properly.

  1. Batteries Running Out:

Sometimes, the AC might not work at all. The problem to this solution lies in fixing the thermostat. Make sure that the thermostat’s batteries have not run out. If the batteries are working, check if the settings are on “Cool” and this will solve the problem.

  1. Burnt Capacitors:

Sometimes, the capacitors may burn due to which the AC does not work properly. For all the functions to occur properly, the AC has to have capacitors working properly since they power the motors which cause cooling in the whole unit.

  1. Refrigerant Leaks:

The refrigerant in the AC also leaks at times. The location of these leaks can vary which means that you will have to get a professional for repair of particular position in the whole unit. Help in this regard can be taken from the specialists at Eastwood Air 311 Watson St Lodi, CA and they maybe contacted on 95240 (209) 712-3345, http://www.eastwoodairlodi.com/.

  1. Worn Out Contactor:

The ACs have contactors in them which are responsible for the working of the motors that are present in the unit and are involved in cooling. When they get work out, they need to be replaced to ensure proper functioning.

These problems can be solved easily by the repairing tips mentioned in the article.

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