5 Ways to Create a Chic Space with Leather Furniture


What’s more classic than gorgeous leather furniture? We’re sharing how to take the look to the next level. Read on for how to create a chic space to impress.

There are some interior design elements that will never go out of style: white kitchens, vintage furnishings, and leather furniture.

Of course, choosing the right items and arrangement is key. That’s why we’ve put together these chic design ideas for incorporating leather furnishings into your space.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get into it.


Five Ways To Create a Beautifully Chic Space With Your Leather Furnishings

Incorporating leather stressless furniture not only helps keep a space clean, it also looks divine.

Opt For Matching Sets

While having one leather sofa does look nice, going for a matching set will always pull a room together and give it a consistent theme.

You could go with a simple set of two leather chairs for your sitting room or a full matching living room set that includes a leather sofa, leather chairs, and leather ottomans.

Either way, having more than one leather furnishing in one particular space gives it a classic, beautiful, consistent theme.

Leather Tables

Leather doesn’t need to be reserved only for sitting upholstery. Leather tabletops are becoming big again, and for good reason– they look beautiful, are easy to clean, and they add a traditional vintage vibe to any space.

Try using a leather table or a table with a simple leather top as a living room coffee table or side table.

There are so many ideas and concepts out there to help you get inspired when it comes to using leather tabletops in a space.

Work Around The Leather

Once you find your dream leather furnishings, remember to work with their designs.

You can do so much in a space with leather furniture, but some decor and drapery will clash.

If your living room is a very modern and minimalist, incorporating a brown vintage leather marbled couch will look a bit awkward. Consider incorporating a black leather sofa or adding some more rustic items to your decor.

Think Outside The Brown

Just because you’re working with leather upholstery and furnishings doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain old brown.

If you’re going for a vintage rustic look, brown is the best leather color to go with.

However, black and white will never go out of style. Black leather can add a romantic mood to your space while white leather can brighten a space and make it more contemporary.

Mix It Up

While matching sets will look consistent and beautiful no matter what, sometimes mixing up your leather decor can add texture and dimension to your space.

Consider purchasing a couple of leather-upholstered chairs for your living room, but pair them with a non-leather printed couch.

The touch of leather will make your space look more diverse and chic while still maintaining the color theme you’ve already established.

Start Decorating!

We hope this handy guide to creating a chic space with leather furniture will help you design the best interior for your living room.

Got a decorating tip for leather furniture? Tell us about it in the comments!

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