5 Ways to Build a Ridiculous Cash Buyers List


If you’re in the business of flipping wholesale houses, building up a cash buyers list is the game plan for you. This can help you flip houses faster than you ever have before and in cash. Building up a list of cash buyers can be quick and easy while allowing you to flip your houses faster with hardly any effort.

Local real estate investing association

Your local real estate investing association can help you know who is in the market for a house. They’ll know all the top investors in the area that are looking for a good, wholesale priced house for you to add to your list.

Closing attorney or title agent

Attorneys that are paid to close the deals for cash buyers are the perfect source for building your list of cash buyers. If they are apprehensive to share the information of their clients that have recently paid cash for houses to flip, you could always suggest they give their clients a business card for you so you don’t miss out on the connection.

Landlords of houses for rent

Landlords may be interested in buying more properties to rent out as well and increase their cash flow. You can find them by looking in papers or looking online at real estate listings in the area. When you call them, remember your making them a sales pitch so try to sell them on your property.

Property Management Companies

Just like closing attorneys and title agents, property management companies work firsthand with your potential clientele. They may be apprehensive to share clients’ information with you but you could offer them a business card to distribute or a slight commission if they find you someone for your property.


Auctions are a great place to meet cash buyers. If you go to an auction, be sociable; get to know the other people participating in the auction, and make connections. These people could be just who you want to buy up your flip property.

Flipping wholesale houses can mean that it takes time to see a profit after flipping your property. Finding the right buyer can be a nightmare, however, creating a list of cash buyers can help you flip homes much faster and see a profit a lot sooner. There are a number of ways to build up your cash buyers list that are not limited to the five we mentioned here. These five are just the best ways to boost your list so you are better prepared to flip that house.

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