5 Top Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast


There are many reasons why you may have decided to sell your home.  Perhaps one of the most common is simply because it no longer meets your needs. You may have outgrown it or need something smaller. Of course, houses also sell thanks to divorces and financial issues. 

In many cases the faster you can sell the easier it is to move on with life. Unfortunately, the house selling process is often slow, making it extremely frustrating. But, there are things you can do to speed up the process.

  • Sell At Auction

Most people don’t consider using a reputable real estate auctioneer because they see these as places where houses undergoing foreclosure end up. But, it is becoming an increasingly popular option for say buyers and sellers.

Auctions offer an opportunity to purchase a house at less than it is actually worth, which makes it attractive to buyers. For a seller, you can set a minimum price and practically guarantee a date that your house will sell. That allows you to get a much faster sale than if you adopt a more traditional route.

Of course, you do get less opportunity to view a house before an auction but a genuine seller will make sure all the pertinent information is displayed and there are plenty of pictures. 

  • Tidy Your Home

People are much more attracted to a home with curb appeal and, regardless of what method of sale you are adopting, people will do a drive-by. This checks out the neighborhood and lets them eye up the house. If you tidy the front they will find it more appealing and are more likely to pursue your home further.

Of course, if you are having viewings then a tidy and clutter-free inside is also essential. It doesn’t just show off the house, it ensures that people can see themselves living there. That is an essential part of purchasing a home. 

  • Get the Price Right

You need to cover the cost of any mortgage you have and perhaps have enough left for a certain project, whether that is buying another house or traveling the world. But, you also need to consider what the real value is of your home.

This means verifying what other properties in your area are worth and what that amount of funds buys. You can then ensure your house is priced competitively, ideally, just under your main competitors. You will get more interested parties;

  • Get the Surveys Done

One of the biggest concerns for buyers is whether there are any unforeseen issues in the property. This is what surveys are for. However, you can get the surveys done yourself and include them in the sales details. That eliminates the worry for the buyer, shows you are being open and honest, and encourages them to look at your home further.  

  • Offer Part Of the Costs

Finally, you can offer to split the legal fees or closing costs. This is similar to reducing the price but makes the deal feel much sweeter to potential buyers, encouraging them to look further and hopefully make an offer. 

By being reasonable and preparing the house and paperwork for the sale, you will dramatically increase the chances of finding a buyer and speeding up the sale!

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