5 Tips to Remember for Packing and Moving Furniture


Moving houses is a big step in your life and requires a lot of planning, especially for your furniture. Damages tend to happen when the right equipment isn’t used to pack and move your items. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, read on to see some tips that can help you in preparation of the furniture being moved.

Dismantle the furniture

Before the movers arrive, you can dismantle the furniture on your own. Dismantling your items makes it easier for them to be packed in the truck. This may be the most time-consuming task, so it’s best to start right on this as soon as possible, like on the day before your move. Some of your items may be more fragile than others, so read the manual for each piece so you can adequately dismantle them without leaving damages. Remember to put things like screws and other small hardware in sealable plastic bags to avoid losing them.

Clean your furniture properly

Before wrapping your items, make sure you’ve cleaned them all. Debris and dust particles left inside the packaging may cause scratches on wooden surfaces when they are moved. Take the time to remove any knobs, casters, or pulls from your furniture. Remove drawers from dressers and desks and pack smaller items in them to utilize space and lighten up heavy furniture for the move. Cleaning your furniture also ensures that no grime from the outside enters your new home.

Wrap them all

Whatever material you use, wrapping your furniture is one of the most essential steps in moving. It’s important to remember that different materials apply to various items, though mostly bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are still your best options. Bubble wrap works best for delicate wood pieces, glass tops, and mirrors. On the other hand, plastic sheeting works best for upholstered items, so make sure you use the right material for the right furniture.

Place them right

When the movers arrive, be sure to have a placement plan to make things easier for you and your movers. Pack boxes tightly to avoid slipping and don’t be afraid to add extra protection for your additional fragile items, especially upholstered items. For example, a soft mattress can be placed on the floor of the truck to protect the boxes from scrapes and dents.

Hire the experts

If you find yourself having a stressful time packing and dismantling your furniture, it’s best to hire professional movers to help you pack and place all your items in the right manner. This way, you can avoid breakages and damages to your items and be secure in the fact that your furniture is in safe hands.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful – just make sure to dedicate time to planning on how to pack, secure, and move your items properly. When you follow these tips, you can ensure that your items will arrive in your new home in good shape.

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