5 Tips to Make Your Home Perfect with spinning mop and bucket


You will be able to do a better job at cleaning when your tools are strong and light in weight at the same time. Spinning mops can get really dirty and if you don’t clean them very well, they make your cleaning worse. So go with the mops that suit your cleaning routine best!

Spinning mop is the most interesting, workable and simple took you can find for your kitchen. It’s light and easy to use.  With a good number of microfibers in the mop head, it cleans well and is great for tiles. So how does a mopping work? Well, the handle comes in three sections and you can put it together easily. Usually this comes in an average and workable length. In some cases it can be heavy duty so you have to decide which one would suit you best. The pail is mostly well balanced and the water doesn’t spill. So here’s how spinning mop and bucket makes your home perfect.

spinning mop and bucket

Choose a design with a good pail handle

Sometimes the pail handles are too light and so there’s a fear of water spilling everywhere as you move around. The good thing about some designs is that they come with lighter pails but good solid handles. This means that the bucket will be well balanced when moving when full of water. If you don’t use a balanced pail, chances are that you will keep spilling water and you walk and you could slip on the floor while using the spinning mop and bucket. And then there are those buckets which are even better than commercial style mop buckets. In those you can actually empty the bucket from either side. They come with a definite level line and it becomes easy to manage the weight of the bucket.

Spinning it right

Interestingly, the spinning mop and bucket mechanism works great and is quite durable if only used right and made solid. You can spin as much or as little as you want. The mops remove the water well. Go with mops that give you the ability to control the amount of water on your mop by spinning it less or more.  When you have laminate floors or the wood type flooring, you can’t have a lot of water spilled for too long. So a spinning mop sometimes comes with balancing mechanism where the use of water is controlled. Use the spin mop that can be spun easily so there is very little water in the mop.

Wringing system

When you get is a mop with micro fibre strings and the performance of a typical string mop with added technology of micro-fibre strings, nothing like it. Use it efficiently. You don’t have to keep bending as the spinning uses a very little foot action.

Are you using a light weight mop?

This is the most important tip while using a spin mop. Go for one that’s light weight as it hardly any effort. This improves the cleaning performance. This is ideally the feature that spin-wringing function mops come up with, as they are made in light weight design.

Use mops with detachable mop heads

So when you are buying a spinning mop, go with those that come with mop heads that can be removed. This makes it easy to launder it.  Improve your cleaning experience by using detachable heads.

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