5 Tips To Follow Before Renovating Your Kitchen


Want to new in the kitchen? From the premises of the project to the choice of furniture and appliances, here are five essential tips to renovate your kitchen without stress or budget overruns!

Open or closed, the kitchen takes an increasingly important place in the daily life of the family. If on average kitchen furniture is changed every 10 to 20 years, this space is, however, more and more at the center of household design and design desires. Faced with increasingly specific expectations in terms of equipment and style for kitchen remodeling, it is worth asking the right questions: What is the detailed remodeling project? What budget to allocate for the entire work? What will be the style of your future kitchen? Who will do the work? The point in 5 key questions.

Renovate your kitchen: make a detailed plan of the project

To renovate your kitchen you have to think of everything. Change of colors, materials, appliances, layout, etc. Start by making a detailed plan of your new kitchen. Write down all your desires, your needs, your inspirations. This plan will help define the kitchen layout in the space and determine the number of high and low furniture desired, the possible location of the central island, the extra needs of remodeling (painting, tiles, floors, etc.). Important: Before you start your kitchen plan, take a look at the planned appliances, to optimize the locations (oven, microwave, hotplates, dishwasher, extractor fan, cooking piano). Write down your urges and needs by priority (from 1 to 5 for example).

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Renovate your kitchen: precisely define the budget

To renovate your kitchen and correctly estimate your budget, it is also important to establish the list of constraints (size, the orientation of the kitchen) needs (appliances, storage, etc.) and desires (central island, energy change). for cooking) to be able to quantify them and have an estimate of the cost of the remodeling project. The prices for a kitchen start at around € 1,000 and can exceed € 10,000 for a high-end kitchen.Sake entry if you want the top of the medium or the entry-level for your furniture to be able to target at best your needs and not have bad surprises. 

Renovate your kitchen: choose the energy and the power of your appliances

Another important aspect: determine upstream energy for the pole “cooking”: the gas that reacts to the finger and the eye, or electricity that offers a wide choice (electric, glass-ceramic or induction hobs). Note, some hobs can combine the two energies. More generally at the level of household appliances. In the case of a complete kitchen remodeling if you change or add equipment, check the available electrical power to avoid overloading when using the devices at the same time. How do you know how much your system consumes? In the case of electricity, energy consumption labels are displayed on the electric ranges, which makes it easier to choose according to the consumption of the appliance. For the hobs, the choice will be between the basic electric plates (consumption estimated at 250W / h), the glass-ceramics (about 100W / h) and the induction hobs (150W / h). From an energy-saving point of view, the gas will generally be less energy-consuming than electric hobs or glass-ceramics (on appliances of the same generation). Namely: you will save even more by being connected to natural gas,

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Renovate your kitchen: techniques to choose your style

Vintage, contemporary, traditional, country, urban, design …. cooking styles are constantly changing and more and more numerous. The choice can be difficult to renovate his kitchen. Tip to not get lost: make a book of different styles that you like for your new kitchen. Make a selection of the kitchen pictures you like the most (in magazines, online sites, social networks like Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) to make your own “style board”. This improvised “book” will be a great help to guide you in the shops, to communicate with the kitchen and to save time in your research. Important tip: if you renovate a kitchen in its entirety, think that it must be in harmony with the rest of your interiors, especially if it’s an open kitchen! Leave aside your book and then come back with your head rested. Eliminate styles that seem too “out of step” with your current home.

Renovate your kitchen: do not zap the craftsman!

A successful kitchen remodeling is also choosing the right professionals. The work in the kitchen can be long and laborious, a bad assembly of the furniture can put in danger the solidity of your development and to make “cheap”.

If you have a tight schedule and budget, for a fast and simple kitchen remodeling, you can choose to just change the furniture. Many cooks offer their own furniture installation services. For further remodelings, if you have to repaint the kitchen, install a credence and set up the appliance, you can call on craftsmen specializing in kitchen remodeling or several trades (painter/decorator interior, etc.) In the case of a complete remodeling, with the upgrading of electricity, the installation of water outlets for an American sink or refrigerator, changing the tiles, etc., it will be better to contact the remodeling specialist. In any case, renovate your kitchen tasks a great reflection as to his desires and his possibilities of realization. Do not hesitate to seek the advice of a professional, it can offer solutions that you would not have thought!

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