5 Things to Check in Your Home Before TV Wall Mounting


The advent of TV’s changed the content consumption landscape forever. Now, you can enjoy your favourite show, news broadcast, or movies, all in the comfort of your house. Brisbane’s taste of television first happened in August of 1949. It was a public demonstration at Lennon’s Hotel. TV’s are now a staple of every household in Brisbane, with some sections explicitly designed around it. TV wall mounting in Brisbane secures your TV to that special section for the best viewing experience.

Checking If the Wall Is Steady and Ready

For TV wall mounting in Brisbane, you can find professionals who know the criteria for it and ensure that they are all met for a successful mount. You should consult them and other experts if necessary, and test certain things before getting the TV mounted.

Dimensional Suitability

Your TV’s size must be proportionate to the size of the space it’s being mounted in. A small TV can’t be viewed from a distance in a large living room. Likewise, a small living room will seem congested with a large screen, and you’ll have to crane your neck to view the whole picture from a short distance. 

If the wall is a special section that is separate from the house’s main structure, then its width must be slightly smaller than that of the TV’s. Otherwise, people will end up brushing and/or hitting the edges sticking out, possibly damaging the TV. It also is an eyesore aesthetically.


The TV must be mounted where as many as possible can view it, like in the centre of a hall. If mounting it in rooms, place your TV where it’s most convenient, like opposite the bed. It must be placed in a safe place where there’s little to low risk of damage. 

Make sure to account for extra space for running cables. Placing the TV far from essential connections like power, home theatre system, internet connection, etc. can make cable management a nightmare while adding to the cost. The entire setup must be compact and good to look at.

Wall Integrity

A lot of Brisbane’s houses were built post-war and with timber. Many of these houses still exist, but not always in the best of shape. If not for the high and humid climate, termites would’ve done their job without your knowledge of it. 

Check the condition of the wall before installation. Make sure to have it reinforced if needed to handle the weight. This can apply to brick and concrete walls as well, which can become weak with age.

Condition of Electrical Connections

Care must be taken to ensure all of the house’s electrical wiring and components are in good condition. As Brisbane uses the 220-240V standard, TV sets running on 110V standard can’t be used without converters. It’s recommended to contact your electrician and get the house’s electrical infrastructure checked before installation. 

Proper Lighting

Bad lighting can ruin your viewing experience. The TV must not be right opposite or close to a window, washing out the image during the daytime. Indoor lighting must also not do the same. Dim mood lighting works best for TV viewing. 

The TV is a must-have in the house today, and TV wall mounting will make sure it is held safely and for the best experience.

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