5 Step Guide to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets


The true cabinet color has a potential to give a refreshing look to your kitchen or bathroom. Because, it’s relatively expensive to change kitchen cabinetry, a fresh paint is the best option for you if you have limited budget. According to Alex Davidson, a painter, the main issue with woodwork, and especially with kitchen cabinets is that it is finished (or refinished) with glossy product (it is designed to be wipeable). This is the property that prevents new paint from sticking to the surface.

This comment makes it obvious that painting kitchen cabinetry isn’t as simple as painting your any other room. If you made the right preparations, the job will be affordable and your design will last longer. But you move ahead with repainting your kitchen cabinet, the important question is, “Should you do it?”

First thing’s first, determine the kind of finish you cabinet has. You may hire Toronto professional painters to do the job for you. Cabinet painting is quite common in Toronto and kitchen cabinet painting Toronto will provide great results.

Kitchen Cabinets

Or, if you’re determined to do it with your own hands, make sure:

  • You are aware of the cabinet material and the gloss applied on it. Otherwise you won’t be able to apply the new paint properly.
  • You knew how to remove cabinet doors, scratch the paint.
  • You must be sure when to apply the fresh paint on your cabinet.

Follow these steps for cabinet painting

  1. Start by removing the hardware. Remove the hinges and clean every surface thoroughly. You can use a soft rag or knitted fabric to clean all the items. While cleaning the surface, try your best to remove oils stains, grime and wax marks from the surface. Paint does not stick to greasy surface. So make sure, everything is properly cleaned before you apply the first coat.
  1. After cleaning the surface, you need to create space for the paint. Sand finish surfaces lightly. If you find any dents and grooves in your cabinets, fill them with wood fillers. After sanding the whole surface even, use a piece of clean cloth to remove the dust. Make sure everything is cleared.
  1. Cabinets need priming before painting. If the cabinets have glossy surface, prime them with stain-blocking primer. You may want to hire professional painters in Toronto to repaint your cabinets in a better way.
  1. Apply the chosen paint on cabinets and make sure to give them two coats. After applying the first coat, let the paint dry for a while. Then, lightly sand cabinet surfaces. Apply the second coat afterwards.
  1. Now paint the other hardware in the same manner and allow it to dry. After all things have dried, put the things back to where they belong. If you’ve removed the hardware step by step, it will take less time to put it back.

Paint for cabinets is different than walls. So, if you are doing it on your own, better take advice from the staff at the local painting shop.

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