5 simple ways to use Robotic Pool Cleaners


Robotic Pool cleaners are the automatic pool vacuum. They are the self directed set of machinery that scrubs the steps, walls, and floor of the swimming pools. They are mostly used in commercial settings but can be used for personal purposes at home. These robotic cleaners are for in ground pool and above ground pools. The popular brands include dolphin, hayrsd, Polaris, and maytronics. These cleaners are further categorized into three types which include suction-side, robotic and pressure-side cleaners. The best reviews are for robotic pool cleaners. Nobody would want o remaining in the pool full of dust and debris so for this, you would need to take assistance from some reliable robotic pool, cleaners.  They follow an easy way and now you don’t need to be running after filters as suctions are present to suck up the dirt from the bottom of your pool. They use electric motors for this suction process and also they have a driver motor which moves the whole unit around the entire pool. Some robotic cleaner is programmed to follow a specific path and clean the pool more efficiently as compared to the human controlled cleaners. Moreover some offers remoter control; where u can direct the direction of the cleaning process.


The filters in it are highly efficient and consequently are easy to clean and maintain. The best of the cleaners has a mesh up to 3 microns and this way they are able to catch even the most minute dust particles leaving your pool with crystal clear water. You don’t need to regularly take out the filter after very wash or usage. Doing the washing after every three to four month is ore than enough.

Choose the correct mode:

 Before using the cleaner, you should know what kind of pool you possess. Whether it is inflatable, gunite or in-ground. This type of pool determines the cleaning mode of the cleaner. The two types are Robotic pool cleaners for floor and Robotic pool cleaners for walls and floor. The first type has four wheels and especially roller. These caterpillars act as a medium to extract the deposits from the ground. The rollers which you will adjust are also classified depending upon the pool flooring. The other cleaners are placed with scrapers and are intended to eliminate dirt from the walls as well as the floors. Different floors are suitable for a particular mode so read it in the manual carefully.

Check the Energy Efficiency:

We all know how to use old style pool cleaners and many of them are still available today. But these cleaners consume about 1000 watts or more in some cases. This increases the utility expenses relative to the many advanced cleaners as they operate on lower voltage and power. Check the power rating of your cleaner, and if they are of high power you may give your cleaning session a break. The new ones work between 100 to 200 watts only. By just using your robotic cleaner efficiently you can be able to save a significant amount of your money.

 Variable timer:

Variable timer depicts the effectiveness of your cleaner. Mostly it is shown by software solutions, this allows cleaner to run across the pool, smartly. The longer power cords are required when the pools are big and to combat this you should consider using gallon per hour technique. If the variable timer is already installed in your cleaner you won’t need to start it daily. This timer helps to save energy consumption, eases the navigation and simplifies its programmability.

Cleaning Accessories:

This deals with how much do you know about the device. Read the manual is not sufficient. If the cleaner set does not contain brushes or scrapers you may but them additionally as without it scrubbing the debris and algae can become very difficult. Make sure you possess all such elements necessary for cleaning and usability.

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