5 Packing Day Tricks You Cant Live Without


When it comes to moving house, getting ready to move and packing your house are the most important aspects to the move. Preparation is key, because the time you have before the move is unlimited, whereas you have much more time after the move to settle in and unpack. If you are moving a larger house or moving with several people or a family, you’re going to need all the time for preparation you can get, and a few tricks up your sleeve to make packing and moving day easier never hurt either. Here we look at 5 tips to help make packing and moving day easier, simpler, faster and more stress free, and once you know these tricks, you’ll feel as though you can’t live without them!

Plan Your Move

The most important way to ensure your packing and moving days go smoothly is to make sure to plan each step of your move from start to finish, so you can carefully track and monitor your progress, and stay on the best path towards achieving success in your move. Start your plan from the very day you want to start packing to move, and have the plans continue until you get to the point that you have full unpacked all your gear in the new place.

The plan should detail who is taking care of what, and the time limits and deadlines as well, as sticking to these kinds of structures helps you to stay on track. Incorporate plans for your removalists and send them a copy of your plan if you are going to have professional help involved.

Source Your Materials

In every town and city across Australia, from Perth to Brisbane packing boxes are the most essential packing materials you need to start the packing process. Packing boxes help you to not only keep your belongings safe and sound throughout the move but also help you to categorise and organise items as you pack them, to ensure that your things are packed neatly and correctly and facilitating easy unpacking.

You can select a number of different sizes and shapes of boxes to help better just to your packing. Other essential materials for your packing include packing tape, labels, a marker, and padding material for inside the boxes and around the corners of furniture.

Working Through The House

When it comes to the packing day it’s important to move through the house as you pack. It can be helpful to pack items you don’t need on a day-to-day basis early in advance of your moving day. This saves time and energy later to pack those last minute items without having to worry about those items you don’t use as frequently. It can also be useful to go room by room through the house, packing all the kitchen items in one set of boxes all the living room items in another set of boxes and working through the rest of the house in that manner. This method not only makes packing easier and also facilitate unpacking at your new place as you can do all the setting up at one time.

Incorporate ‘working through the house’ into your initial plans, so that you have our move progressively planned out as you work through the house and understand exactly how your packing day will play out.

Packing Special Items

There are some items in our homes that require special care when packing and moving you don’t want to try to move your piano yourself.  You also don’t want to risk damage to those precious heirlooms and old furniture. You can pack these yourself if you know how to do it, and you have access to adequate padding materials to keep them safe. But if you need to you can be useful to enlist the assistance of professional movers to help you get your precious items to their destination safely. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when it comes to packing these precious items. It’s not worth risking their damage just to save a few dollars.

Pack to Unpack

When it comes to packing you also want to ensure that you’re making it easy to unpack once you get to your final destination. Packing room by room helps to facilitate this. By packing one room at a time you can also unpack one room at a time and make sure each room is set up in the way that you would like it. Perhaps you are moving to a smaller place.  In that case when you are thinking of packing you need to make sure you’re not packing too much for your new house. This would be a great time to audit some of your belongings and sell or donate those things you don’t need anymore. This saves you packing time and also money if you’re spending on the removalist.

With these tips for streamlining you’re packing day and making it easier you can achieve a more stress-free efficient and quick move.

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