Do 5 Numbers You Need on Speed Dialn’t Always DIY:


You can find a ‘How To’ video on YouTube for almost anything these days. But is this really the way to go? Always?

Recently I had an accident at home after trying to repair my roof. In hindsight I realize my folly.

With a few medical bills piling up I decided to do some research. What are the most risky work I can attempt at home?

Here are the top five:

         Working with gas

         Repairing your electrical wiring

         Working on your roof

         Breaking down walls for renovations

         Anything to do with large trees

Knowledgeable handymen probably think the risks are self explanatory. But I really thought I could handle some of these.

The problem is some work becomes DIY jobs when there are emergencies. But I guess that’s why many service providers offer 24/7 services.

I don’t want to land in hospital again. So I assessed my property and here is my comprehensive summary of people who are now on my speed dial list. I hope my explanations motivate you to do the same.

Why speed dial? When something breaks again I won’t have time to look for their numbers.

Tree Felling

It’s the ultimate way of showing off your manliness, right? But tree felling carries many risks. And because you don’t understand all the implications you can put your home and family at risk:

         Before you cut down a tree you should trim some branches. But if you’re working high in the tree how do you know a certain limb is strong enough to hold your weight? The professionals know how to check.

         If you need to fell a tree because it’s near power lines, rather call an expert. Live wires can cause the electrical current to jump across a gap and electrocute you.

         A tree leaning over 15% from vertical can fall at any time. Do you have the skill to compensate for this during felling?

         It takes skill and experience to judge where exactly a tree will fall. Do you want to risk it falling onto instead of away from your home?

Your favorite tree can turn into a hazard overnight. Having an expert on speed dial can save lives and buildings.

Tree Trimming

This job doesn’t seem dangerous but it carries the same dangers as tree felling. And what will you do if you realize a certain branch has become a hazard after a storm?

DIY trimming puts you and the tree at risk:

         Damage to the tree can result in parasites taking over.

         If your trimming leaves two branches rubbing against each other it will cause wounds where parasites can enter.

         Any time you climb into a tree you put your life at risk. It only takes a moment to lose focus, slip and fall.


Here’s how you turn an ordinary problem into a disaster: Using the wrong tools.

A DIY project doesn’t mean you can always attempt it with the basic tools you own. And plumbing requires unique equipment. Isn’t it better to pay a professional than risk having to pay for tools and an expert to fix what you made worse?

Apart from not knowing how to repair pipes you take on these risks too:

         Poisoning: Buildings can release asbestos or lead molecules that are hazardous to your health. Without the proper protective wear you put yourself and family at risk. Even mould can cause poisoning and it thrives in the moist areas around plumbing pipes.

         Physical injury: Plumbing repair work is usually done in small spaces. This can cause you to strain muscles.

         Electrical shock: Some buildings’ plumbing and electrical lines run together. Without knowing you can damage wires and get electrocuted or cause more problems you have to deal with.

Years of experience enable plumbers to identify problems and fix them without risks to themselves, you or buildings.

Home Renovation and Repairs

This is a fun family activity, right? No. It’s not.

I imagined swinging a sledgehammer, installing room dividers and customizing my home to exactly what my family needs. Afterwards we could have fun painting like I’ve seen other families do in the movies.

Then I heard about:

         Asbestos poisoning in old buildings. You need professional help to take out asbestos and destroy it in an environmentally friendly way.

         If I knock down the wrong wall I can damage the framework of my entire home. Do you know how to determine which walls are load bearing?

         Painting can be hazardous in small areas with too little ventilation.

Do you want to place your family at risk? It doesn’t sound much fun anymore, does it?

Renovating includes:

         Any roof repair work

         Electrical work

         Gas line repairs

Firstly I don’t want to put my life at risk. Secondly I don’t want to risk not getting insurance payouts. This can happen if my home is not up to health and safety standards.

Pest Control

If you’re trying to handle pests on your own I guarantee you’ll waste your money. Pests are like diseases. Perhaps you’re treating the symptom. But do you know how to heal the source of the problem?

Experts trace pest to where they originate from. If they don’t take out an entire termite or rat population your home’s structure could eventually be implicated.

By using professionals you also prevent health problems caused by harmful pesticides. If you don’t wear the correct protective wear or if you apply it incorrectly you’ll be exposed to harsh chemicals.

Do you have your plan of action if any of these challenges present themselves in your home? Perhaps you think it’s your responsibility to have a DIY solution. I realized it’s more important to have the RIGHT solution.

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