5 New Splashback Trends You Should Know About


Splashbacks have become the most focused part of our kitchens spaces. Protecting the walls against stains and splashes, these splashbacks have become numerous in forms and shades. The most popular in recent times are perhaps the Glass Splashbacks. Available in different types and forms, that can beautify the kitchen space by a great deal. The Kitchen Glass Splashbacks in particular adds a touch of modernity and ease of clean when they get mangy.

Times have changed, home decoration and interior design trends have changed the way kitchen looks. This particularly adds a new design and usability trends in splashback designs for the kitchens. The variety of tile and glass splashbacks available in different type and shade makes a huge opportunity to add vibrancy and productivity to your kitchen.  

Tile Splashbacks  

The most common yet the most influential form of interior beauty, tiles have been used in baths and kitchen since long ago. The use of tiles in bath have been employed long ago for reducing moisture to prevent walls from damage.

Glass Splashbacks

We have seen buildings and homes using industrial quality glass in many ways, from glass walls to glass ceilings and stairways, glass is everywhere. Thanks to the advancement in glass technology, we have so many variations and functions available in glass splashbacks for beautifying our homes and buildings.

There is a huge demand for kitchen glass splashbacks by homeowners and its increasing day-by-day. Easy-to-clean, no matter how hard or old the stains are, nothing is irremovable from a glass. The splashback designs available in glass are simply inspirational. They are stronger than other materials used for splashbacks, and you don’t need a hammer or drill machine to install frames on your glass splashback.

A glass stopper is all you need to hang or keep your kitchen accessories. Kitchen Glass splashbacks are available in a whole wide range. From plain glass, to textured glass, back-painted glass, and LED backed glass to mention a few.

Exposed Bricks

Bricks are back in fashion, they are here to stylize your kitchen with an exterior outlook. Rough and textured bricks are prolific in kitchen splashbacks. Bricks provide an eccentric look to the kitchen, they make a very good splashbacks and adds up to the general feel of the kitchen space.

Metal Splashbacks

One of the new concept for making long lasting splashbacks is making use of metal to provide longevity and a contemporary look. There are many designs of plain pressed metal as well as stainless steel metal splashbacks available in the market.


There are splashbacks which are in wooden finish, especially the timber wood finish. They give a natural look. Exquisite as the timber wood is, they beautify the kitchen in a way that inspires a lot.

Specialist Splashback Solutions in Auckland

Superior Glass provides a full range of glass splashbacks, to suit your needs. Apart from that, a great deal of splashback designs to choose from. All our splashbacks are custom made to your exact size and shape requirements. This includes taking into account cut outs for cupboards and other features in your kitchen. You can also choose from a wide range of colours to ensure the splashback matches your kitchen’s décor.

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