5 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Glass Fencing Around Your Pool.


When you install a pool in your home, the last thing you want to do is to have to hide it. However, in order to keep the area safe you need to install some kind of fence to help keep kids safe and trespassers out. If someone were to fall into your pool, even though they were trespassing, you can still be sued. Installing an appropriate fence is difficult as you want something that is effective but it also needs to blend in with the rest of the decor of the outside of your home. There is a solution, however, and it comes in the form of glass fencing.

Glass fencing offers many more advantages than your typical wooden or stone fencing and we will look at some of them here.

  1. It Looks Great – Quite simply Exakt Glass pool fencing looks fantastic and adds beauty to any swimming pool and any home. You can install your glass fence using semi frameless or full frame fencing and both of them look equally good. It adds depth to the pool area and allows you to look around your property as you swim and relax. Similarly. If the kids are playing in the pool, you can watch them from your home to check that everything is OK.
  2. Modern And Sleek – The lines of your fencing are so crisp and the glass fence itself is a very modern way to apply fencing. Glass fencing is particularly appropriate in a new build home where you have really tried to put modern themes all around you. It also makes your pool appear more modern even though it may have an older design.
  3. Low Maintenance – The glass fence itself is really easy to take care of. A quick wipe with a lint free cloth and some strong cleaner and it is returned to its former glory in minutes. If there are some scratches, then these can be buffed out quite easily and with the minimum of fuss. Glass ages very quickly and it is hardly noticeable when it begins to fade a little, due to sunlight and the weather.
  4. Unimpeded Views – The wonderful thing about glass fencing is that it is like a window, you can see right through it. This allows you to have great views of your garden areas and the fencing actually makes your pool and garden look bigger than it actually is. It also allows additional light to flow where it normally couldn’t.
  5. Great Strength – When we think of glass, we always think that it might not be too strong. The truth is that glass fencing is very durable and very strong. It would be very difficult to break the glass unless you made a real effort to do so. It is definitely much stronger than wood, for example, and is much easier to take care of.

Glass fencing around your pool is the perfect solution. It is strong, looks great and adds value to your home and garden. Look into how glass fencing can transform your pool area.

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