5 Glass Balustrade Ideas


Glass Balustrade designs bring sophistication and contemporary innovation in your house’s interior look. Though balustrades are used in different materials according to the theme, Glass Balustrade has a better durability and add a modern splash which uplifts the architectural sense of space. Glass Balustrade is the go-to feature for homeowners planning a renovation or for businesses to have a wow-factor in their working or office space. 

The elegance of glass adds the extra beauty and creates the illusion of space. It can be utilized in outdoor and indoor spaces to add functionality and flair. To better navigate how you should replace your traditional timber spindles with glass panels, here is a list of five different ways you can: 

Frameless Glass Balustrades

This approach oozes contemporary classiness and charm. Removing all timberwork helps the glass panels to stand out and claim the spotlight with no distractions. Frameless Glass Balustrade design can be incorporated on stairways or alongside the balcony. 

Using a thicker glass structure proves to hold the ultimate modern appeal. It is to be noted that such a structure would still normally require an existing base to certify a solid surface capable to carry the weight of the glass. You can utilize an aluminum framework to hold the Glass Balustrades if the need to experiment is calling onto you.

Routed Timber Frame Handrail

If you believe in fusing the traditional design with a progressive spunk, add Glass Balustrades along your timber structure’s routed groove. The design follows removing the wooden spindles and to be substituted by manageable glass panels, carefully secured in place with the timber frame. The advantage of this design is the obvious seamless look and expanding the sense of space, especially if the room is already a little crowded. 

Such a design is more manageable indoors and will definitely add a certain glamor. However, Routed Timber Frames require a more technical hand so contact a specialist with experience in handling Glass Balustrades Sydney.

Privacy Screens

Homeowners make a frequent request to gain privacy from neighbors and create an undisturbed sanctuary while sitting on the deck or patio. Glass Balustrade along the balcony is a great design choice for Privacy Screens and can be extended to block vision from peeking outsiders, as well as provide basic protection from sunlight.

Glass Balustrades can be added in backyards or balconies to prevent any inquisitive eye. The advantages of installing glass privacy screens include low maintenance, long-lasting life, and durability against harsh climatic conditions.

Pool Fence

Glass Balustrades offer pool owners a stylish alternate to meet your safety and security measures. Whether it is a luxurious outdoor swimming pool or scenic pool deck, Glass Balustrades offer a safe and low maintenance way without disturbing the surrounding view. Many experts recommend a frameless or semi-frameless option for Glass Pool Fence to create a sophisticated ambiance while being mindful of the pool’s safety obligations.

Stainless-Steel or Aluminum Framed Glass Balustrade 

Another popular design choice is to make a new frame, mainly stainless steel or aluminum, and remove all timber handrails and posts. Timber posts are cut down and capped, which provide a new solid base for the new upright stainless-steel or aluminum posts. It is a chicer option as well as a great return on investment as stainless-steel frames are more durable and will not rot in a humid or damp environments. 

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