5 Amazing DIY Idea for Book Shelf


Books are meant a lot, Book lovers just don’t love to read books, they also love to safe them and decorate the. Book storage can add a classy look to your room if you create unique shelves by the method of “DO IT YOURSELF” here are simple five Ideas to do this

  1. If you have two ladders and some planks of wood at your store room, you can create an awesome book shelf. Just fix the ladders to wall and lay wood planks between the steps of ladder. Color it, Let the color dry you have great shelf made by you. You can even use just one ladder to make smaller book shelf.DIY-Bookshelf-1
  2. Just hang the Old Piano to wall and give it new look to place your valuable books.2
  3. Fix a curtain rod to wall and hang a large length wise pocket made by you to place books.3
  4. You have antique TV in store room? Just empty it and put your books in it , It is an awesome Idea and you can add creative look to your room.4
  5. Use Old tables to make book shelf5

I hope this article would have helped you.

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