4 Tips for Keeping Your New Home Decor Simple


For folks who love to decorate, there are few things as exciting as moving into a new home. The house you just bought is a blank canvas that is waiting for your magic decorating touch. Of course, you want your guests to feel comfortable, so you need to avoid going overboard when you’re putting together your new space. Here are some tips for imbuing your home with simple but attractive styling.

Use Your Home’s Architecture as a Base

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You might have an idea in your head of what you want your home to look like, but will that style fit with your house’s structure? Measure your rooms and take the positions of the windows and doors into account. You want to complement the natural personality of your home, not mask it or do battle with it.

For example, a new home in Charlotte might be the proud possessor of Southern charm. You wouldn’t want to insult that with a lot of austere contemporary pieces.

Use Neutral Colors

When your furniture, walls, and other major elements are neutral-colored, you are free yourself to express your decorating creativity in countless ways. Neutral colors look good with almost anything, so you can choose an array of throw pillows, paintings, photo frames, and sculptures that add alluring pops of color.

Choose your neutral colors according to how you want your home to feel. For example, beige is warm and inviting. White is classic and endlessly versatile. Gray is trendy in kitchens, whether you want a striking dark gray or a cozy heather gray.

Mix Eras and Styles

Simple does not mean boring — not even close. Create interest by mixing eras and styles. For example, you could have a post-modern lamp and some shabby chic throw pillows. You could incorporate elements of Parisian charm with Victorian elegance.

The trick here is not to go overboard. While it is fine to mix styles, your décor should have a common element. This might be a color, an image, a material, a theme, or a number of other things. If your choices are too all over the place, your place could end up looking cluttered rather than stylish.

Look for Inspiration

The internet is rife with brilliant decorating ideas. You can find tips on everything from how to choose paint colors to how to proportion a room. Pinterest is a wealthy resource, but there are many other sites that could stir your imagination and help you make your new home as beautiful as possible.

You can also gain inspiration from your own past decorating efforts. What did you like about the way your old home looked? What didn’t you like? If you have photos, pull them out and compare the size and shapes of the rooms with what you have now. You can decide what to keep the same and in what ways you should start fresh.

Simple home décor is both inviting and elegant, and it isn’t difficult to achieve. Use the above tips to put together a look that reflects your personality and preferences. 

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