4 Things Your Tile Installer Must Do to Ensure Best Results


There are so many Instagram-worthy locations in and around Sydney. Much underrated urban architecture and cool venues do not get noticed by people, since they are not popular tourist spots. However, if you look around Sydney, you will find many places to take photos in almost every nook and corner. Some of these underrated spots are the University of Sydney’s graffiti tunnel, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Newtown, and many more.

Speaking of Instagram-worthy photos, you should also make your home an ‘Instagrammable’ spot. To make sure your home is aesthetically appealing and picturesque, look up tiling service in Sydney” online. From there, you will find tile installers who are already experts at their craft. However, you still have to look at how they do their job to ensure that the results will be the best. Below are the four things your tile installer must do.

1. Use Grout

Know that tiles and grout come hand in hand. Your tile installer should know this because if they opt to use tiles and not place grouts in between, you probably chose the wrong person to work with. It ensures that coloured grouts are part of the project.

Grouts can also enhance how your tiles look. Having plain tiles and coloured grouts can show off a creative spot in your home.

2. Use Proper Bedding 

Your tiles will only look best if the tile installer placed proper bedding. Usually, the tile bedding is a mixture of four parts of sand and one part of cement. The appropriate mix should be used, and if not, your tiles will most likely move overtime. The tile installer can also use exterior-grade plywood, slab concrete, and even sheet vinyl flooring as beddings. It depends on the materials that get purchased and the recommendations as to what would best be used.

The tile bedding should likewise be not too thin or too thick. It should be the right thickness, so your tiles do not look off to anyone.

3. Take Advantage of Symmetry 

Although too much symmetry is not okay, your tiles should most likely be symmetric. Symmetry is sort of linked to having an organized background. If something is asymmetric, your brain will interpret it as something wrong but won’t be able to pinpoint what. You do not want to spend the rest of your time in your home wondering about something wrong with your tiles.

For example, the tile installer should make use of the same sizes of tiles. If having different sizes is unavoidable, it should still get installed symmetrically.

4. Never Use Low Quality/Cheap Tiles 

Sometimes, tile installers would buy cheap or low-quality tiles, so they get more from the budget you set for the tiling project. To avoid this, you should be the one to purchase the tiles. You can check out a reputable tiling service in Sydney to get an idea about which ones are the best tiles and where you can get them. You do not want to have tiles mounted in your home that deteriorate after just a year of being installed.

If you want a great-looking home, ensure that you have these four things checked out before proceeding with the project. All these factors are essential, so be sure that your tile installer knows how to do all these. These tips will help you have a beautiful home.

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