4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Home Air Conditioners


Your air conditioner should be able to cool the home efficiently and keep the humidity level low. Residential air conditioners will last for about 10 to 15 years depending on how you maintain and service them. When it reaches a point where the system isn’t functioning properly, you should consider replacing it. If you wait too long it may completely malfunction meaning you and your family face discomfort of summer heat. You need to watch out for signs that the AC needs to be replaced. Here are four signs that indicate it is time to replace the home air conditioner:

  • The AC is More than 10 Years Old

If the air conditioner has survived for 10 or more years, you should replace it. Often, the repairs you make will cost you more. Most old AC systems use R22 refrigerant that is being phased out to ensure environment protection regulation. When you get a new system, it ensures the improvement of indoor air quality. It also increases the resale value of the home.

  • Excessive Dust and Noise

If you are having excess dust in the home even when you clean it, it’s an indication the ductwork is leaking. The leaks can make the air conditioning unit to be inefficient. The operating cost of the AC will also increase. Having an air conditioner that is releasing excessive noise could mean that the duct system is not large enough for the home’s square footage. There could also be a problem with the indoor coil of the unit.

  • Utility Bills Are Increasing

You may find that when the system is inefficient, the energy cost increases because you have to run it for long hours to cool the home. If you are paying too high for the electricity and you haven’t changed the way to use it, then you need to replace the AC. Having a new air conditioner will lower energy bills since you only need to run it for a few hours.  

  • Repair Costs Are High

When the system breaks down, repairing it can help keep it running. However, if repairs are frequent and costing you more money, you need to think about getting a new system. It is an expensive item, but it’s also a good investment. Don’t wait until the air conditioner breaks down completely. A new AC will reduce the repair cost and ensure your home remains cool during the summer heat.  Repairs are an option if the system is less the 10 years, but after that period, it is important you start planning to have a new unit installed.

Deciding whether to replace or repair an AC system may not be easy.  Since a replacement of the AC costs a lot of money, many homeowners may overlook the decision. When that happens, they may find themselves in problems when the system completely breaks down. Knowing when to get a new air conditioner is very important since you start saving for the purchase. A new AC eliminates many expenses that arise from breakdowns and inefficiencies. It also ensures quality air conditioning in your home.

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