4 Insanely Affordable Home Staging Tips that Sell your home


We buy ugly houses in Houston, Texas! Yes, that’s correct you read right we buy ugly houses and then resell.

Instead of spending huge amounts on decorators and going to the extreme of large repairs and the costs that is involved with it. Many sellers will rip walls out, repaint the whole house, redesign the kitchen etc. Sellers often end up spending money they didn’t need to. Most home staging ideas can be found on google and Pinterest. There is no need to hire a professional when you can just watch a few tutorials to get some ideas and put them into play.

A welcoming porch:
The front of the house needs to be inviting and have the homely feel to it. Potted plants and a nice clean door mat are small changes to make but have a drastic change in appearance.
Greenery suits all kinds of houses modern and old so have some potted greenery next to an outdoor setting or swing chair if you have the room. If not a small plant stand with some greenery will do the trick.
Remember to keep your front lights on in the evening so if anyone wants to drive by on their way home from work, they can the front porch and entry way.

Clear the clutter:
You may like clutter, people live all different ways you don’t need to have everything in a shining manner but things need to be clean. Get rid of laundry clothes piles and if your one to have ornaments around be sure they don’t look cluttered and close people in too much with all the stuff around.

Make sure things are clean like your toilet, a dirty bathroom is off putting as is dirty clothes on the floors or musty smells. It may also benefit your place if you buy a good cleaning product for your floor to add a little shine and give the carpets a steam clean. If the floors have seen better days or wear spots on carpets you can place a rug or something else eye catching in the room to draw eyes away from the floor.

Organize cupboards:
If closets and cupboardsaren’t organised it can look small and give the illusion there is no room. Potential buyers will open the pantry so make sure you organise it and give it a wipe out to give the impression its spacious and clean. If you have walk in robes pick up everything off the floor and organise in baskets or neatly folded to again create more vacant space.

Baking cookies:
Some people will bake cookies before people arrive to view the house. The aroma of freshly baked cookies smells amazing and adds a cosy feeling to the home.  Have a few cookies set out on plate to offer to the guests on the way out. You will find guests will leave happy and very interested.

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