4 changes to prompt huge energy savings in your home


If you haven’t heard the news, energy saving is quite a big deal nowadays – and rightly so.

After all, not only does this help the environment, it is something that can save you money as well.

This is where the home comes into play. The construction industry has come under immense scrutiny over the years, as it contributes so much to carbon emissions. It means that there have been a whole host of developments which can help your home out from an energy saving perspective, and through today’s post we will take a look at four of the biggest.

The perils of conservatories

Years ago, conservatories were a big deal. Now, perhaps because energy efficiency is more understood, they can escalate into a nightmare.

The problem with this room is that they alternate in extremes. In summer they are too hot, and you need to cool them down if you want to spend time in there. In winter meanwhile the temperature drops to a level where heating is needed if you want to be in there.

As such, consider replacing this room. An orangery extension is a common solution – for the simple reason that it benefits from similar features, but has reduced glazing which means the above issues are not as common.

Your soft furnishings: kill two birds with one stone

Something that is frustrating with a lot of energy saving techniques is that they are sometimes a bit too practical.

Well, with this next tip, you can improve the look of your home whilst also saving a heap of energy in the process.

As simple as it might sound, dressing your windows with thick curtains can work a treat from this perspective. It can keep in the heat that would have once escaped through the glazing, and just tighten up your home somewhat.

The double-glazing hard sell

We’ve all heard about the stereotypes with double glazing salespeople, but like it or not, these are products that can make a monumental difference to your energy usage.

As we have alluded to in the above two points, glazing can be a problem-area in homes. It is where heat escapes, or comes into the home, depending on the season.

Double glazing acts as another shield and can save you huge amounts. In fact, if budgets allow, you can even progress to triple-glazed solutions which naturally offer even more from this perspective.

The simple power of insulation

Let’s leave one of the simplest, and cheapest, options until the very end.

Whether it is wall or loft insulation, both types can make a huge amount of difference with your energy bills.

It’s a similar concept to the double-glazing we have just spoken about; the additional insulation acts as a shield so that warm air can’t escape as easily, and cold air struggles to get in.

Loft insulation is the easiest to install but if your situation allows, try and boost it throughout your home. You will be amazed at the difference.

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