3 Ways to Transform your Home


We all like to make improvements to our homes, not just for the investment value, but also for a more comfortable living environment, and perhaps the aesthetic value. Outside of the workplace, the home is where we spend most of our time, so it makes sense to make it as comfortable as possible. With modern solutions, your home can become more secure, more comfortable, and more energy efficient. Here are three ideas to really change the ambience, while adding value at the same time.

Transform your Home

  1. Window and door replacement – If you have timber frames, this is something that has to be done eventually, and the longer one leaves it, the later one will reap the benefits. UPVC windows and doors offer the ultimate in security and comfort, and with double glazed units, your heating bills will see a significant reduction. Maintenance free solutions offer the homeowner a trouble free installation, and with custom made units, they will be a perfect fit and will complement the property. You may prefer the cleanliness of white, or perhaps a wood grained finish with leaded lights, to retain that unique character. Modern window construction enables a range of styles and designs that will blend in perfectly with the surroundings.
  1. Facia and guttering – Often overlooked, the facia is more than likely timber, and this needs to be primed and repainted annually. If the timber decays, water can enter into the rafters, and this could cause a serious problem if left unchecked. Modern PVC facia and guttering can perfectly complement your home, while providing that essential flow for excess rain water. The roofline is a focal point of any building, and with the right materials, one can enhance the character of the home. For those who live in the UK, DG Solutions offer a range of quality facia and guttering at a reasonable cost.
  1. Add a conservatory – The ideal way to increase your living space, a modern conservatory is mainly glass, which means you can have the sunshine in the winter without the cold. Double glazed units provide a high level of thermal and sound insulation, and with sliding or French doors opening to the garden, the summer months offer an attractive dining area, ideal for entertaining. If you are concerned that the additional structure will look out of place, fear not, as modern UPVC materials allow for a range of colours and finishes that will blend in with the existing surrounds. This isn’t a cheap project, so it might be wise to re-mortgage the home, and the added value will more than cover the cost. Most modern conservatory suppliers will offer finance at attractive rates, so you can keep your savings for a rainy day. Talk to the experts and they can advise on style and materials, and with an established company, the installation will be smooth and trouble free.

The home is a place we spend most of our time, so it should provide a high level of comfort and security, and with the right improvements, the value will continue to rise.

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