3 Things to Consider Before Installing a Ducted Air Conditioning System


Central air or ducted heating and cooling systems are becoming more and more popular, especially within new build homes. The benefits are clear to see but there are several things that should be taken into account before pressing ahead with any installation.

If you’re wondering whether a ducted system is right for you, look no further as we will go through the ins and outs within this article.

What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning or central air as it is sometimes known is a great way to provide both hot and cold air to your home environment. Each system is usually energy efficient and they have the added effect of being able to filter air, making it much cleaner and safer to breathe. This alone could work wonders for any allergy sufferers.

  1. Sizing Your System Correctly

The size of system you require will depend upon the size of your home as well as its orientation. A system that is too large will cool your home too quickly and not be able to effectively remove moisture and dehumidify like it should. Too small a system on the other hand will likely be running constantly which is sure to push up your energy bills and wear out vital components faster.

Load calculations are vital for getting this process right so always consult the experts.

  1. You Won’t Need Existing Ductwork

Having the right ductwork in place will be a major benefit and could save you money but it isn’t necessary. Your contractor will be able to supply and install the necessary ductwork you require throughout your home.

Ductwork can be installed within your walls, floors, basement, attic and ceiling so there are plenty of options available which shouldn’t upset the fabric of your home.

  1. Filters Are Paramount

As we mentioned, it is the responsibility of your air conditioning system to also clean and filter the air within your home that passes through the system. The most efficient filters will be expensive to install but have been shown to reduce the maintenance costs of your system over a two year period by keeping the insides of your system cleaner and working efficiently.

Repairs and Maintenance

Ducted air conditioning systems require much less scheduled maintenance than other forms of heating and cooling and should continue to work efficiently for many years without problems. In the unlikely event that you do develop an issue, companies and their services such as Boutique Air ducted cooling repair will be able to identify the problem and supply and fit the necessary parts to resolve it. Any air conditioning maintenance company will be able to assist within the Melbourne area so speak to a few.

Install Your Own System

If you’re convinced that ducted heating and cooling is right for you, all that’s left is to commission an installation. You will find that the same companies versed in repairing and servicing these systems also know how to install them. We suggest that you obtain several quotations to ensure the best price.

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