3 Reasons Industrial Enterprises Love Wholesale Wiping Rags


Most large-scale industrial operations have specific jobs that would benefit greatly from having numerous cleaning rags ready to clean spills, wipe counters, or get grease and oil off hands. Below are three of the top reasons wholesale wiping rags are popular on the commercial market.

High-Quality for Oils and Heavy Fluids

Most Industrial settings work with equipment that has some type of fluid that can be messy and hard to clean. Paper towels won’t cut it when you’re talking about gear grease, oil, or hydraulic fluid. Grease and oil wiping rags are made to wick the liquid and give you a more effective clean with each swipe. You can get wiping cloths that are made of recycled fibers, which will make you feel even better about the product.

Better Pricing for Bulk Supply

Wholesale pricing means you can save money by maintaining a good supply of wiping rags. It’s an affordable solution for enterprises with multiple departments or locations. You’ll be less likely to run out, even during times of heavy use. Your price per rag drops dramatically when ordering cleaning cloths wholesale in larger amounts. It’s the perfect item to have on hand for industries that are focused on mechanical maintenance, or any job that has the potential for being messy.

Keep Machines, Parts, Counters, Floors, and Hands Cleaner All Day Long

Changing parts or fluids on equipment or company vehicles can be a job that’s made nicer with available wiping rags. Any smudges of grease or oil can be cleaned from the exterior of the equipment to keep it looking great. Wiping rags are also useful for small drips on floors and counters. Your employees will appreciate having clean, absorbent rags ready to wipe hands after a messy job.

Using reclaimed fibers to create tough, absorbent cleaning rags in bulk amounts is something that can benefit any large industrial or commercial operation. Save money and get the product you need to make your messy jobs more pleasant.

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