3 New Conservatory Styles for 2017


It seems like the architectural designs of the past are coming back in fashion. As the pages of architectural history are turned back, interior designing companies have made a number of predictions for different trends that are going to become popular in 2017. Today, there are many houses in the UK that have their own conservatories. A conservatory is basically a greenhouse that has a roof or walls made out of glass to capitalise on sunlight. It’s designed to replicate the effects of a greenhouse in order to promote plant growth. Typically, the conservatory used to be attached to one side of the house.

They were first introduced back in the 16th century, when wealthy landowners started purchasing property in the UK and began planting fruits, such as oranges and lemons, in their gardens. However, you don’t need to have a large amount of space in your house if you want to build a conservatory. Interior designing companies can help you redesign the conservatory in a stylish manner. Companies such as Oakley Green Conservatories offer an extensive range of conservatory extension services.

However, as past trends are re-introduced, it’s time you took a look at the three most popular conservatory styles that are going to become popular in 2017.


Orangeries are the new conservatories. This can be said beyond a shadow of doubt! An orangery was much like a conservatory. They originated back in the 17th century and were popular until the 19th century. They were basically used for growing oranges and other fruit trees, and designed to protect them from the harsh effects of winter. Their functions were much similar to a conservatory, though it added a bit of a luxurious outlook to the whole place. Eventually, people started installing exotic plants into their orangeries as well. It can be said that orangeries are making a huge comeback. For people who can afford them, adding an orangery to your home is a great way to revamp the outlook and style of the place, and to bring about a dramatic increase in the value of your property.

Kitchen Conservatories

In order to save space and to keep an eye on their plants, many homeowners have also begun to add conservatories which are directly attached to the kitchen. A kitchen conservatory is easy to manage, and if you have fruit trees growing inside, you can easily pick them out and bring them to the kitchen. Kitchen conservatories are a rising trend and it’s likely to grow in the future as well.

Roof Conservatory

A clear example of effective space utilisation within the modern home is to build a conservatory on the roof. Rather than extend the property further, you can just revamp the roof of the house and turn it into a conservatory. Not only does it help space, but it also allows you to grow natural plants on the roof of your house with minimal hassle. These are the 3 rising trends for conservatory styles for 2017 and the years to come.

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