3 Key Practices for Keeping Your Pond Healthy and Beautiful


Rounding a corner to discover a shimmering neighborhood pond puts a smile on most faces. If you own or manage a pond, you know it takes some work to keep that pond clear and shimmering. Proper care and maintenance of your beautiful aquatic asset can add significant value to your life and your property.

If you are not a pond expert, you may benefit from consulting an aquatic specialist to help you develop a pond management plan. Understanding the basics of erosion control, aeration systems, and nutrient composition will help you design the best plan for your unique setting. Without regular maintenance, hazards may arise, permanently decreasing the health of your pond.

Regular Shoreline Maintenance

Scheduled shoreline maintenance prevents erosion and sediment buildup that can reduce the volume of your pond and lead to the need for costly dredging. Vegetative buffers of native grasses and flowers help to stabilize the water’s edge and filter runoff that may contain toxic landscape chemicals. Your pond’s healthy ecosystem will benefit from regularly inspecting the shoreline integrity and maintaining shoreline plants.

Sufficient Aeration

Providing the right dissolved oxygen content in your pond is an essential aspect of your pond management plan. Aeration helps prevent toxic algae growth and promotes healthier fish and bird populations. Aeration bubblers and fountains will increase dissolved oxygen, and some fountain designs may have attractive spray patterns that enhance aesthetic value as well.

Proper Nutrient Composition

Decomposing plants, as well as fish and bird waste, contribute to your pond’s beneficial nutrient composition. However, too many nutrients can lead to toxic algae overgrowth and reduce oxygen levels that keep beneficial plant and animal life thriving. Fish stocking and nutrition balancing additives can help restore the balance. Your pond management expert can suggest proper testing and help you determine an intervention, if needed.

A healthy waterbody on your property is a valuable asset that generally requires a plan for regular maintenance. Managing your pond’s erosion risk, oxygen levels and nutrient balance will help establish the healthy aquatic ecosystem necessary for your pond’s beauty and longevity.


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