3 Important Steps To Follow To Pack Furniture While Moving


When people plan to move from one place to another, one of the major concerns is about how to move the furniture. While moving the furniture, you want to be sure that all of them are packed properly and no damage is being done to them. If you are not taking the right steps, then the wooden furniture may get scratched or gouged. The upholstery that you are having may get ripped and the glasses may be broken. So, right measures should be taken when you are moving your belongings like chair, bed, chest drawers and cupboard from one home to another.


Before packing the furniture

Before you are packing the furniture, you should keep in mind that they are clean or not. It is very important to remove all dust particles from the surface of the furniture before they are packed. Debris and the dust particles can cause the scratch on the wooden items when they are moved. Check your entire home and remove all the knobs and the casters from the furniture. You can also pack the drawers separately. This will actually lighten the heavy furniture and enhance space for storage.

Dismantle the furniture

Before you are calling the moving companies, you can dismantle the furniture by own. Dismantle the furniture when it is possible for you. Remove the legs from the couches and take out the bed frames apart. You can also remove the cushions as well. By dismantling, it will be easier for you to move the furniture from one place to another. When you dismantle, you can check out the manual so that you are doing the right thing. Put all the hardware parts and the screws in separate bags.

Wrap them all

When you are thinking about the safe removal of the furniture, you should wrap them in the proper manner. Plastic sheet and the bubble wrap are the two important objects help in the safe wrapping of the furniture. While you are wrapping the mirror or glass objects, be sure that you have put them between two sheets of cardboard.


After the preparation of the furniture, you should choose the place where you can keep the furniture in the right way. The packing boxes should be kept in such manner inside the truck that they do not fall down. A soft mattress should be placed on the floor of the truck to protect the boxes from jerks.


If you are not having much time to pack and dismantle the furniture, it is better to hire the professional movers and packers who will come to your place and pack all the items in the right manner.

Thus, these three steps are very important while you are preparing your furniture for moving. The moving companies play a major role in saving time and money both.

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