3 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Groundwork Contractor


When carrying out a domestic construction project, you’ll need to contact numerous contractors, including a groundwork specialist. Whether you’re laying foundations or piling, you’ll require a company with plenty of years’ experience in the industry. When you hire a groundwork contractor you should know what you are going to get.

Here are somethree factors to consider when selecting the right team for the job.

  1. Knowledge

When searching for contractors, especially specialised companies such as groundwork engineers, it is important to work with a highly competent organisation. You need to know if the contractor you are about to hire has the experience to deal with the demands of your project. If they don’t have the knowledge, they could have a negative impact on proceedings.

When assessing a project, you must first evaluate your needs. Once you know what exactly is needed to successfully complete each specific task, you can then recruit a contractor with the necessary skills. When you speak to contractors, ask about their experience. Find out whether they have worked on similar projects and inquire about their unique abilities. Some contractors may say they specialise in doing groundwork in London, but when you hire them for a job in Essex which requires expert foundation work, they struggle to find the right solutions.

  1. Resources

Construction staff are used to working on projects with numerous contractors who specialise in a wide array of skills, they use each other to complete certain tasks, so if a piling expert has problems with a machine, they’ll have skilled mechanics on hand to fix the problem. They must have adequate resources at their disposal, that means using other contractors, engineers, mechanics and maintenance workers to resolve any issues that arise. When it comes to hiring groundwork personnel, they should have their own machinery or access to rental equipment if anything goes wrong during the project. As a site manager, you don’t want to be left waiting around because one of the contractors piling equipment isn’t working. The contractor should also have enough qualified staff on hand just in case someone gets sick or injured and needs cover.

  1. Industry Reputation

When choosing a groundwork specialist, you should aim to hire a company who has an excellent reputation within the industry. It is generally better to work with a contractor who has been in business for several years, that way you know they’ve a lot of experience. The easiest way to find out about their reputation is to speak to other contractors, if they’ve worked on projects with a skilled piling company, they’ll be able to recommend that organisation for your job. Construction personnel recognise expert companies who carry out jobs in a professional manner, they usually have a good name within the industry.

It is also good to work with a company who communicate effectively, you’ll always encounter issues while on site, so it is important to liaise with a groundwork team who can speak to you about their problems. Look for a company who have a good reputation, outstanding knowledge and adequate resources.

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