3 Eco-Friendly Strategies for Construction Companies


The world has put increasing importance on the need for eco-friendly, sustainable practices in nearly all areas of life, including construction. To appeal to a new market of environmentally friendly people, construction companies need to rely on sustainable practices for business success.

Many have been granted LEED certification as environmental pioneers in their field. If your business hopes to incorporate eco-friendly strategies in 2019, here are three ways you can build with sustainability in mind.

Use the right fuel

Instead of relying on petroleum and coal to power your engines, biodiesel has become a popular eco-friendly — and affordable — alternative. This fuel is manufactured from biological components, typically corn or animal fats. It’s a type of renewable fuel that many construction companies have begun to incorporate in their daily operations.

Using biodiesel as an alternative energy source has countless benefits. Not only is this renewable resource produced in the US, reducing shipping costs of petroleum from overseas locations, but its production quality mitigates the greenhouse gases produced when this fuel burns. Though biodiesel fuel doesn’t burn cleanly, the greenhouse gas effects are balanced by the number of crops grown to produce the fuel in the first place. This essentially evens out your construction company’s carbon emissions, making you a zero-carbon construction company.

One of the best benefits of this fuel is that it causes less environmental damage should an accident occur. Your construction company will never be blamed for the damage caused by an oil spill. Biodiesel is less combustible than traditional diesel gases and doesn’t contain many of the harsh chemicals that harm wildlife populations. Opting for alternative fuel sources is just one eco-friendly strategy your construction company can use.

Pick the best materials

Using LEED-certified materials helps guarantee your construction company is practicing sustainable efforts. This might include using recycled products or opting for renewable materials, such as bamboo, over expensive materials that are difficult to transport. Buying locally made products is also a great way to practice eco-friendly habits because it reduces shipping costs and carbon fuel emissions during transport.

You can also rely on eco-friendly products when you put the finishing touches on a new building or commercial property. This includes features such as low-flush toilets and Energy Star-approved appliances. Relying on efficient, shorter piping also delivers water more quickly from hot water tank to faucet, reducing energy. When you’re constructing your buildings, you must rely on the sustainable products to make a difference.

Handle waste properly

Waste management is key, especially if there is an accidental spill or other health emergency. Not only would such an incident look bad for your business, but it indicates to potential consumers that your business doesn’t care for the environment.

Countless construction companies fail to recycle products that are easily reused or broken down. Thanks to haulers that organize separate materials into manageable piles, recycling has become more accessible than ever. Some construction companies have even managed to achieve a 95 percent rate of recycling through haulers instead of trash bins.

Though you might not be able to donate that drywall to a local charity, such construction materials are used for a variety of materials. One of the most popular forms of industrial recycling is the creation of road aggregate, a key ingredient in the quality of our parking lots and roads.

The best part of recycling? It creates jobs for other people in your area. Look for industrial recycling in Mobile, AL, for local tips and tricks when you want to improve your business’ recycling habits today.

While it might seem like creating an eco-friendly company is out of your reach, relying on these three strategies will help get you a bit closer to helping the planet.

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