11 DIY Projects to Make Out of Timber


Timber is the most popular construction material. People love to use wood for their flooring, sheds, fences, dressers, furniture, cabinetry, and decorations. There are limitless possibilities for how timber can get used.

Do not settle for premade wooden items for sale at the store. It is more fun and satisfying to create DIY projects using timber material.

Not only is timber one of the easiest materials to work with for DIYers, but it is also one of the cheapest.

You can purchase timber material over the internet on websites like Timber Supplies Newcastle. Their online catalogue makes it easy to find the timber material needed for your particular DIY project.

You might even find some discounts available during holidays and other special occasions. Think about getting started on a DIY project and release your inner creativity once and for all.

Below are the top 11 DIY projects to make out of timber. They should give you some ideas on what to create.

1) Wood Bead Necklace

A wood bead necklace is the classic style of jewellery. You do not need expensive diamonds and jewels to make a beautiful necklace.

All you need to do is craft some wood beads and add any paint colour you want to them. The wood beads can be made big or small, depending on the style you want. Just have fun with it.

2) Wood Wall Shelf

A wood pallet and tools are all you will need to create a custom wood wall shelf. These tools and accessories include sandpaper, wood screws, paint, drill bits, paintbrush, orbital sander, handsaw, drill, and reciprocating saw.

Wood wall shelves are useful for decoration and for holding small items.

3) Wood Candle Holders

Wood candle holders are wood blocks with circular cut-outs large enough to fit a candle. You can paint the candle holders any colours you want.

They are straightforward DIY projects that are perfect for newbies.

4) Wood Triangle Plant Holder

The wood triangle plant holder gets mounted onto your wall. You need to cut a hole in the base of the triangle and place a small potted plant in it.

The triangle should get crafted from natural raw wood. A terra-cotta plant pot is recommended for use with the triangle.

5) Wood Collapsible Dog Ramp

Do you want to make it easy for your little dog to hop up onto your bed? You can construct a wood collapsible dog ramp to make it easier for them.

The ramp collapses and fits under the bed when it is not in use. When you want to set up the ramp for your dog, you can easily extend the ramp to reach the bed. All your dog needs to do is run up the ramp and lie down on the bed.

6) Wood Christmas Tree

The Christmas holiday is all about the Christmas tree. A wholesome wood Christmas tree is the perfect decoration to create for your home. It can be a small wood Christmas tree that you can put on your desk or end table.

7) Wood Phone Charging Station

Are you tired of the commercial phone charging stations? You would be much better off with a wood phone charging station of your creation.

It is a simple project to undertake because you are taking a wooden block and cutting out a space large enough to hold the base of your phone.

Then you will cut a smaller hole inside the space to fit the charging cord. Now fit the phone inside the space, so the charging cable plugs into it.

8) Wood Kitchen Step Stool

Not everyone stands tall enough to reach the upper kitchen cabinets. It helps to have a wood kitchen step stool to extend your height and reach those higher cabinet areas.

You only need to create two steps with dowel joints. A template and router are recommended for the side parts.

9) Wood Serving Tray

Wood serving trays are perhaps the easiest DIY projects on this list. A wood serving tray is just a wood slab with space in the middle for food and drinks.

Most newbies like to start with simple DIY projects like a serving tray. You do not need to paint this one either.

10) Wood Cup Holder

The wood cup holder is designed to cover the armrest of your furniture. It is three wood boards attached to form a case that goes over the armrest.

The upper board should have a circular hole cut out of it. The hole is where the cup goes.

11) Wood Book Stand

Wood book stands are some of the most common DIY projects. Although most people do not read books anymore, you can still use them to hold your tablet or smartphone.

The stand is a long-inclined wood board with a shorter vertical wood piece at the base. Rest your book or mobile device on the bigger board. The shorter wood piece will hold it in place.

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