10 Pool Step Markers And Border Ideas For Backyard Pools


After reading the title, you might be asking what exactly a pool step marker is, and that is to be expected. Not too many people discuss the uniquely-coloured tiles that emphasize where the steps are for guests to avoid kicking it, or falling down where they didn’t realize there was a step.  

Admittedly, safety isn’t always the most interesting part of decorating a pool. But don’t be fooled by their unremarkable purpose – these pool step markers and borders can be stylish and fun just as any other mosaic and tile in your pool. 

Whether you’re just looking for a basic pool step border to do the job, or a complex step marker to really catch your eye and look fantastic, we listed 10 of our favorite options for pool step borders and markers for backyard pools (that can work just as well for commercial pools. 

Basic Blue Border

This no-nonsense border is what you see is what you get type deal.  Maybe you’re minimalist by nature, or maybe you already have enough movement, colors, and unique patterns going on in your pool where you don’t need more distraction. Either way, a fine blue border marker will be a great touch to get the job done without demanding attention.

Light And Dark Blue Provincial Border

This provincial border brings a style much like an aquatic vine of flowers. The fluid movement and the colors fading from light to navy blue make for an edge design that flows like beach waves.

Brown Baroque Border

The term baroque refers to a style of highly detailed european architecture, music and art from the 17th and 18th centuries. Give your pool a baroque touch with marbled brown, blue and black border tiles. Or you can view them as another option for a tastefully minimal choice for pool steps and borders.

Tribal Wave Step Marker

These classic wave tiles are the epitome of pool step markers. Modeled after ancient Polynesian tribal art, they’re a classic addition to a backyard (or commercial pool. The blue (or black or brown) and white wave tiles will go with any pool theme for those who don’t desire attention-grabbing patterns and colors on their pool steps. 

Fleur De Lis Step Marker

Another tile reminiscent of ancient polynesian art, this 3-petal lily represented the royal arms of France, but is now a popular decorative symbol for those with an upper-class taste. 

Mystic Voyage Non-Skid Step Marker

Sometimes you need a pop of color and style. For those with artistic or bohemian taste, these Mystic Voyage Non-Skid Step Markers are for you.  They’re inspired after a mandala, which is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe, so you’ll let your true boho-self shine. 

Tropical Step Markers

There’s no need to be too serious when you’re at the pool. Sometimes you just need a little fun! That’s where these bright and colorful cartoon, summer-themed tiles are a great option. The sandals, palm trees, and sun give off a great vibe. When the water is already blue enough, throw these tropical themed pool step markers into the mix. 

Tribal Turtle Step Marker

Another tile inspired after polynesian tribal art, the Tribal Turtle Step Marker also comes in 3 colors, and matches with any pool. A mix of art and classic aquatic theme make it both the family-friendly and edgy at the same time.

 Shells Step Markers

When everything else reminds you of the water, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the beach and sand. These shell and starfish tiles in tan look like actual shells themselves, perfectly perched on your steps. They’ll add a soft beach theme to your pool area without grabbing too much attention as the masterpiece. 

 Swirl Step Markers

An old fashion, victorian touch might be the best way to describe these swirling step markers. Thin and elegant for any pool. It’s as if they were drawn as an accent next to the shadow cast from the pool step it’s placed on.

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