Setting up New Utility Connections to Your New Home

For any small property developer or self-builder, making new utility connections is often a necessity. Unlike with any existing property that you might purchase, new builds will require the installation and connection of infrastructure required to connect that property to a mains water, gas and electricity supply.

If you’re in the process of completing your new home build, this article will outline the steps that you need to take to acquire an energy connection.

What Does the Energy Connection Process Involve?

For someone who is moving into an existing property that was constructed years ago, all that would be required of them would be to contact the utility companies already supplying energy to the property and notify them that they are a new occupant who needs a fresh billing account.

In the case of any property that doesn’t have an existing connection, the process involves;

  • Contacting an energy infrastructure company who is licensed to carry out new mains connections.
  • This company would then visit your property and asses the layout in conjunction with any local utility company data present.
  • This data would show exactly where the existing energy infrastructure lay in relation to your property.
  • From here, the connection provider would be able to make a physical connection from where the existing supply runs past your property, to your property.

Electricity Connections

New electricity supplies are usually the most difficult to obtain and can be substantial in cost. What you can do to make the costs cheaper is to dig your own suitable trench. If left to any infrastructure company, the costs will be higher.

Electricity companies usually request that your meter is located within a white box and is recessed into an external wall of your property for easy access. These boxes are rarely aesthetically pleasing so do bear in mind that you can insist on an indoor meter.

Water Connections

New water supplies are cheaper and sit somewhere between gas and electricity supplies. The bulk of the cost will be based upon the length of the pipework required to provide water to your home.

We would suggest that you make sure any connection provided is at least 25mm in diameter to ensure sufficient water pressure.

Gas Connections

A new gas supply is usually straightforward and much lower in cost. As long as you’re building on brownfield land or in close proximity to existing properties, you will likely have no trouble in establishing a connection.

Get Assistance with Your New Energy Connections

Luckily, help is at hand and there are many companies out there that can assist you with this process. Connections 2 Energy are one such company who operate and supervise new connections across the UK. We suggest getting in touch with several and requesting a quotation based upon your requirements. If you’re currently developing more than one property on the same site, there may even be a better rate available.

Completing your property and establishing new energy connections doesn’t have to be difficult. Take your time and make sure you follow the process to the letter to avoid any unnecessary delays or unforeseen costs.

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