How Is the Health of Your Roof?

We might not think too much about it on a daily basis, but the roof keeps us warm and comfortable in the worst of the weather. It prevents rain, snow, sun, and wind from getting into your home. Unfortunately, every roof, no matter how strong and durable, will sustain damage, and this can cause problems that need to be addressed.

Do You See the Signs of Roof Damage?

The good news is that affordable roofing services in Cambridge can assess any roof damage and provide affordable repairs, but how do you know when to call them out? Here are some tell tale signs that you have a roof problem that needs repair:

  • Drip-drops: Did you hear the patter of rain on the top of your ceiling during the last storm? What this usually means is that rain water is leaking in through holes and cracks in the roof. This can cause other problems, such as damaged insulation, damaged electrical wiring, black mould, and damage to wooden battens.
  • Tiles: Many homes feature pitched roofs that are tiled. The problem is that these tiles can move and become dislodged. They can even sustain damage over time and crack. This can lead to rain water entering the roof space and causing extensive damage. If you notice any damaged or dislodged tiles on your roof, it’s time to call in a professional roofer.

Save Yourself Some Money

The roof is very important, which is why it is also important to look for and note any signs of damage to it. Neglecting this damage could end up costing you a lot more!



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